Word online is the Calvin Klein brand may have made an unexpected choice for its new spokesmodels in Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner. Nothing is official yet, but the choice of Kendall would make sense, given that the 18-year-old has already graced runways in Paris and New York and apparently has a lot of love for Calvin Klein.  

Kendall Jenner
The older Jenner sister might make sense for the Calvin Klein Campaign, but Bieber?

Bieber on the other hand, would be a bit of a questionable choice. High fashion brands tend to avoid working with celebrities with legal problems and Bieber has had his fair share of those in recent months. Earlier in the year, Bieber faced a triple threat of vandalism, DUI and assault charges. This was after he was accused and subsequently cleared of a hit-and-run in Los Angeles in June 2013.

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Justin Bieber
Would Calvin Klein want the brand associated with the singer's name despite his legal issues?

According to multiple reports by E!News and Vogue Australia among others, the rumors started after Kendall and Justin were spotted together in New York earlier this week. As usual, the pair’s dinner at Mobu on Monday also gave fuel to some dating speculation. So is the relationship personal or purely professional? Is there a relationship at all? CM will keep you updated with any news on the story. 

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Watch the trailer for Justin Bieber's Believe below.