Kendal Calling 2013 And  The University Of Cumbria To Provide Insights Into The Music Industry For Festival Goers

Kendal Calling 2013 And The University Of Cumbria To Provide Insights Into The Music Industry For Festival Goers

University Of Cumbria Presents The Academy At Kendal Calling
Lake District Festival Join Forces With The University Of Cumbria To Provide Insights Into The Music Industry For Festival Goers

Masterclasses / Talks / Q&A's / Open Surgery Sessions With A Variety Of Music Industry Professionals And Luminaries
Kendal Calling today announce The Academy, a brand new initiative in association with the University of Cumbria.  The Academy will consist of a series of masterclasses, talks, Q&A's and 'open surgery' style sessions with a variety of music industry professionals and luminaries in the fields of music, art, journalism, creative writing, and photography.  The Academy will provide a platform for festival goers to learn from the best in the industry in an informative and entertaining fashion.
Tim Peaks Diner will be home for the Academy activities throughout the festival weekend. Some of the Academy's master-classes are limited to those who have applied in advance but many others will remain open so that festival goers can choose to drop in on the day if they fancy a cuppa and an insight into music and creative arts industries. The festival have lined up an impressive array of contributors with well known Manchester based artist Oliver East, famous for his work with Elbow, designing the Academy logo. The Academy is unique to Kendal Calling and gives attendees of the festival the chance to learn from industry pioneers and take home some fascinating information.
Closed sessions will be limited capacity and must be applied for via the Kendal Calling website:
So whether you are a photographer, musician, artist, journalist, interested in becoming one or just intrigued by their industries, there is something for you! There are still plenty of classes to be announced but here's a taster of what will be on the programme:
Snapshot! Photography Masterclass with Dean Chalkley (NME)
Dean Chalkey is a professional photographer, currently the lead photographer for NME. Dean has photographed anyone who is anyone in the last 20 years including the likes of Ian Brown, Pete Doherty, The White Stripes, Oasis, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, Amy Winehouse, Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson, US rapper Jay-Z plus many more. His most recent exhibition of work took place at the Royal Albert Hall. Dean will be able to give master class attendees an insight into the world of music, fashion, advertising and portrait photography.
Conversations in Creativity with Pete Fowler.
Hosted by Dave Haslam (Author, Journalist & DJ)
Pete Fowler is most renowned for his album cover artwork with Super Furry Animals and his Monsterism toys and goods. He is a freelance illustrator and 'monster creator' inspired by animals, music, folklore, myths, psychedelia and super nature and his work inhabits a world where character design meets music and art in a weird and wonderful way. He has worked with various commercial clients as well as bands, music festivals including Kendal Calling and Live From Jodrell Bank, brands and charities.
The Music Masters Masterclass with Jim Spencer & David Tolan
Jim and David bring creative insight, a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge of producing and mixing music for the likes of The Charlatans, Primal Scream, New Order, Johnny Marr, The Cribs and much more. The pair has given music production masterclasses and lectures at Universities and colleges and participate in music industry seminars at SXSW in Texas and UK based conferences including Liverpool Sound City.
Getting a record out and Tellin' Stories with Tim Burgess
Hosted by Elizabeth Alker (BBC 6Music)
Tim Burgess, lead singer of The Charlatans and Tim Peaks head honcho is no stranger to 'getting a record' out. Tim will give an amazing insight into the music industry as it is now compared to when he first got a record deal, how technology has changed the way in which music is released and promoted and other antidotes from his long career in the business. Tim will also discuss his book Tellin' Stories (nominated for 'Best Book' at the NME Awards) and the success of Tim Peaks Diner.
Creative Industries Open Surgery: The legalities of the music business with Carol Isherwood (solicitor)
This open 'surgery' is for budding musicians, songwriters, artists, journalists and bloggers to ask any questions surrounding legalities within the music business, such as copyright law, licensing, music sharing, artist rights, contracting, and more.
Un-convention Panel & workshops - with talent from In The Fields
Un-convention is a not for profit global grassroots and independent creative membership organisation. It crowd sources from it's community for ideas that will help independent music makers, producers and communities. Un-convention speakers will include artists performing at Kendal Calling bringing together like-minded individuals to discuss the future of grass roots, DIY and independent music. Not one to be missed for the budding musician or producer!
'Thank You for the Music - The Art Of Songwriting
We live in a world where music is more abundant than ever. It seems like there's a show on every corner, and we can access whatever we want, whenever we want; perhaps there's even a danger we might take it all for granted - but how often do we consider how it all comes into being?
Here we talk to songwriters from a variety of genres about what it means to 'be creative' - comparing and contrasting methods, inspiration, serendipity; the actual process of getting the words on the page even. This is an insight into the endless note books, the illusive rhymes, cutting up newspapers and humming melodies to answering machines; sitting in the dark, standing on a hill, or dreaming a hit, only to realise the next morning that it was actually written by Stevie Wonder 40 years previously.
Creative Writing / Journalism Masterclass with Roy Wilkinson and Clare Tavernor
Roy Wilkinson has written for The Guardian, The Independent, MOJO, Q and other titles. Roy is also the brother of two British Sea Power members and wrote the BSP-themed book 'Do it for your Mum'. Clare Tavernor is a documentary maker at the BBC. She has worked extensively on The Culture Show and also on The One Show, with subjects ranging from Keith Richards to a history of the British working class.
Roy has worked for music press for over 25 years and oversaw all the production on his BSP-related book which was the first book to be published under Rough Trade Books, a subsidiary of the famous Rough Trade Records. Roy has also written for some of the biggest music based publications on the planet.  The session will take in creative writing, book publishing and music journalism.

The University of Cumbria & Kendal Calling Academy gives you the chance to learn some invaluable information away from the lecture theatre and into the unique surroundings of a festival. So whether you're a skilled expert or a budding star in your chosen field, there's something for you at The Academy.

Please express your interest, as closed sessions will be limited capacity. Kendal Calling will be in touch with successful applicants nearer the festival. The short online form can be found via: