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Picture - Ken Duken and Marisa Leonie... Berlin Germany, Saturday 7th February 2015

Ken Duken and Marisa Leonie Bach - 65th Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) - Medienboard Reception (Empfang) at The Ritz-Carlton, Berlin at Hotel The Ritz Carlton at Potsdamer Platz square - Berlin, Germany - Saturday 7th February 2015

Ken Duken and Marisa Leonie Bach

Northmen: A Viking Saga - Teaser Trailer

Asbjorn is the fearless leader of a Viking gang known as the Northmen. Having been exiled from their homeland, Asbjorn leads his men across the sea Britain to raid the town of Lindisfarne for their gold, but along the way lose their boat and much of their resources to a vicious tempest that only by good fortune washes them up on a beach. Alive they may be, but their survival is limited. Far from where they want to be, the Northmen are forced to set out on foot through unknown enemy terrain, hoping to reach a Viking fort called Danelag before the enemy discovers their presence. Unfortunately, it isn't long before the King of Scotland orders his soldiers to go after them and they relentlessly obey. All they can do is kill everyone in their path and fight back with all their force if they want to reach their destination in one piece.

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Picture - Ken Duken and Marisa Berlinale... Munich Germany, Saturday 19th January 2013

Ken Duken and Marisa Berlinale - German 2013 Film Ball at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich Munich Germany Saturday 19th January 2013

Picture - Ken Duken London, England, Tuesday 8th February 2011

Ken Duken Tuesday 8th February 2011 Chalet Girl - UK film premiere held at the Vue Westfield - Arrivals. London, England

Ken Duken

Chalet Girl Trailer

Working as a Chalet girl isn't as easy as some people might think. Kim is a nineteen year old girl who's just been given a big break and offered the chance to work in the Alps as a chalet girl, Cooking, cleaning and basically attending to her employer's families every need are just some of her daily chores.

With absolutely no experience Kim might be out of her depth but stumbles through the first couple of days looking after businessman Richard Masden and his family, however she finally finds her feet. There might be hard work to do but there's also a whole load of fun to be had, suddenly propelled into a world of money and parties Kim quickly becomes accustomed to her new way of life and also finds herself falling for the bosses son Jonny, just two problems stand in her way; his mother and his girlfriend!

Certification: TBC
Running time: 92 mins

Starring: Felicity Jones, Ed Westwick, Tamsin Egerton, Ken Duken, Sophia Bush, Bill Bailey, Brooke Shields, Bill Nighy, Georgia King, Tom Goodman-Hill, Nicholas Braun and Abbie Dunn

Directed by Phil Traill

Picture - Ken Duken, his wife Marisa Berlin, Germany, Friday 8th February 2008

Ken Duken - Ken Duken, his wife Marisa Berlin, Germany - Berlinale party Movie meets Media Friday 8th February 2008