Kelsey Grammer is set to be granted a divorce on February 7.

The former 'Frasier' star and his third wife Camille Grammer - who split last July after 14 years of marriage - are currently finalising the details of their divorce and although the former Playboy model wants to delay the proceedings, Judge Maren E. Nelson has stated she is inclined to grant Kelsey's request.

During a hearing at a Los Angeles courtroom today (25.01.11), Camille had requested for a delay and while it was given, the judge is still expected to grant the divorce during the next hearing on February 7, leaving Kelsey free to marry fiancee Kayte Walsh next month.

As well as asking for the proceedings to be delayed, Camille's lawyer, Neal Hersh, had also requested for a $10 million bond to protect her in case of a dispute.

He said: "There is no question that Kelsey plans to remarry immediately. She shouldn't have to go into her pocketbook to fight for the estate when you know there is going to be a remarriage...with Ms. Grammer number next."

It is not known if the bond was granted.

Kelsey's attorney, Lance Spiegel, claimed Camille's petition was "just delay for delay's sake" and "protection for protection's sake", before adding Kelsey had every intention to move forward with the wedding.

Last month, Camille - mother of two of his children, Mason, nine, and six-year-old Jude - reportedly rejected a $30 million divorce settlement as it didn't include alimony or child support for their two kids.

Following his split from Camille, Kelsey, 55, started dating 29-year-old Kayte but in October, tragedy struck as she miscarried their first child together.