Kelsey Grammer is looking forward to the second season of drama 'Boss', but both he and fellow cast and crew members are well aware that ratings for the Starz program weren't as good as could be hoped for in the first run, and that a failure to improve those could see its story being cut short.
Grammer and others in the 'Boss' team were talking to TV critics yesterday (August 2nd), including the New York Daily News, and he took time to explain where his character Tom Kane was headed in the forthcoming series. The last season saw Kane diagnosed with a terminal illness; the ruthless mayor of Chicago, he's now planning to leave an almighty legacy in his wake. "He's found there are gaps in his life that he'd like to fill in," Grammer said. "Whether he will succeed is part of what this season will be about ... and it doesn't go so well."

However, Grammer did seem to be aware that the story might not fully develop, given slight worries over the viewing figures for the program. Starz have always claimed that they're not as dependent on ratings as other networks, but the tension is still there. "I don't see the numbers," said Grammer. "All I know is people would like them to be higher. We know how we want the story to play out and it requires some time. We hope to get it." He added.