Kelly Rowland dropped her 'Here I Am' album today (26.07.11).

The 'x factor' judge - whose last release 'Ms. Kelly' came in 2007 - revealed her music is always going to be mainly R&B, despite trying to input some dance music into her songs like Rihanna and Chris Brown have done in the past.

She told MTV: "I think that R&B, of course, is where I'm deeply rooted, period.

"I'll never go anywhere. I just happened to try something out [dance], and it worked, and that's just the part of it. And I think that's what I admire about artists like Chris Brown and Rihanna, who don't mind putting it all on their album.

"Who cares? It's music, and they're making it: great music. And I'm proud of that, that we do have a generation that is just making great music, period."

The 30-year-old 'Dilemma' hitmaker recently explained her latest LP is all about "freedom", rather than choosing a specific genre.

She added: "For a long time, I thought about, 'Should it be dance or should it be urban or should it be this or should it be that?' And I was like, 'Why am I allowing people to make me think like that?'

"It's just about artistry, it's just about freedom."