Kelly Rowland thinks men are "intimidated" by her.

The 30-year-old singer admits guys rarely try to chat her up when she is out and about, but if someone is "brave" enough to try it on then she always gives them a chance at wooing her.

When asked if she gets men coming on to her all the time, she replied: "Not often, no. Maybe they're intimidated. But if a man is brave enough to strike up a conversation, you should give him a chance and see what's there.

"If there's nothing there, then keep moving."

The ex-Destiny's Child singer - who was engaged to former American football player Roy Williams in 2006, before the wedding was called off - prefers to go for men who are ambitious and can make her laugh, bust most importantly they have to be able to "hold their own".

She added: "I go for somebody who is secure within themselves, has a great outlook on life, is fun to be with, can make me laugh and has goals.

"Most of all, they have to be able to hold their own and be a man, you know?

"Growing up, though, I had a crush on New Kids On The Block."