Kelly Rowland is looking forward to babysitting Beyonce Knowles' baby.

Although the 'When Love Takes Over' hitmaker wants to have kids of her own some day, for now she is excited about being an honorary aunt to her Destiny's Child bandmate's baby - her first child with husband Jay-Z.

Kelly also confessed the reality of child birth scares her.

Asked if Beyonce's pregnancy has made her broody, Kelly told Britain's Marie Claire magazine: "No. I will babysit and change a diaper or two, and then give it back.

"I do want kids, but every time I think about a little person growing inside of me and getting bigger and bigger and then having to come out ... a watermelon coming out of something the size of a lemon is insane to me."

Meanwhile, the 30-year-old singer has won praise from fans for her super-slender figure but she insists she has to work very hard to maintain her toned physique and never eats after 7pm, much to the annoyance of her friends.

She said: "My friends hate that about me. They all want to go out to eat around 9pm and I'm like, 'Er, unless I'm going to wait three house for this to digest, I'd rather not.' "