Kelly Osbourne has criticised physicians who dish out prescription pills to their patients without good cause - branding doctors "the biggest drug dealers in the world".
The reality TV star has long struggled with an addiction to painkillers and she endured several stints in rehab before finally kicking her habit last year (09).
Osbourne is convinced she could have lost her life to drugs, and she's adamant doctors are to blame for the rising number of prescription pill addictions in Hollywood - because they are the ones who hand out the medications.
She tells Britain's Heat magazine, "Five years ago I thought I'd be dead, or real close to it, by now. It's one of those things where other people's tragedy brings it home. The amount of people who have died this year alone from the stuff I've done is scary.
"The biggest drug dealers in the world are doctors. And there are a lot of doctors in L.A."