Kelly Osbourne wishes she had Multiple Sclerosis instead of her brother Jack Osbourne.

The 28-year-old star - who has been to rehab seven times and admitted to two mental institutions - believes she has the ''perfect'' life and is distraught that her younger sibling has been struck down with the disease, which has caused him to experience blindness, instead of her because he doesn't deserve it.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: ''When you get told that your little brother - the one you would do anything for - has a disease that most people don't even understand, you're like, 'So my mum had cancer, my dad almost died and now my brother has MS.

''What the f**k is happening? You think, 'Wow. He's such a hero'. He walks around like he doesn't have it - you'd never even know. He's so brave and strong and willing to do anything he can to find a cure.

''And you know what? I wish I had it instead of him. I think all about the f***ed up things I've done, yet my life is perfect. I wish I could take it away from him.''

Kelly, who has organised many T-shirt campaigns and attended numerous events to raise awareness of MS, was previously honoured with an award for her efforts and she was delighted to receive the accolade.

She said previously: ''I've done a T-shirt campaign for Race to Erase MS.

''I've been going to events for years, and especially since my brother was diagnosed ... I've so wanted to be a part of the charity.''