Kelly Osbourne's baby toe looks like ''a sloth''.

The 'Fashion Police' host used to get mocked because one of her smallest toes doesn't have a nail, and although it used to get her down she has now learned to embrace her flaws and be proud of her best assets.

She said: ''You have to look at what you have, the tiniest things, especially since it's the little things that bring you down.

''I used to get picked on because I don't have a baby toe nail. It's the weirdest thing, it kind of looks like a sloth, my baby toe.

''But I just take a moment to look at myself and I'm like, 'Wow, I actually have an alright nose. And people don't realise that underneath my little bit of fat, I actually do have abs. So that's alright.''

Kelly - whose parents are Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne - believes one of the main reasons for her current happy mindset is that she has accepted she will never be ''cool''.

She told Glamour magazine: ''I'm the most uncool person on earth and I love myself. I don't want to be cool.

''I feel good in my own skin because I've accepted the fact that I'm me. That's what's so great about being alive and being on this planet; everybody's different.''