Kelly Osbourne was sick after she accidentally downed a large glass of vodka.

The TV star was at the New York Fashion Week party for brand Opening Ceremony when she went to take a drink from her water, but got more than she bargained for.

She tweeted: ''Picked up what i thought was my water & took the biggest swig of vodka which instantly made me puke what a way to ruin the night (sic)!''

The alcoholic drink burned at the 27-year-old's throat, an experience she compared to the taste of nail polish remover.

She added: ''My mouth, throat and stomach are on fire Im starting to think i drank Poison the closest thing i can compare it to is nail polish remover (sic)!''

Kelly's accidental vodka shooter is the latest unlucky episode to befall her, after a bottle of self tanning solution recently exploded in her suitcase, leaving embarrassing looking stains on her laundry.

She admitted: ''My self tanner exploded in my suitcase Im 2 embarrassed 2 take them 2 the dry-cleaners because it looks like I s**t myself #S**tShorts (sic)''

Despite having to leave the party early, the 'Fashion Police' host was given a gift by Opening Ceremony of three rings; two shaped like eyes and one like a mouth, which she also posted a picture of on twitter.

She wrote underneath: ''Look how sick this ring is I just got from @openingceremony. (sic)''