Kelly Osbourne wants to take her relationship slowly.

The 'Fashion Police' star is besotted with boyfriend Matthew Mosshart but doesn't want to rush anything in case it all goes wrong.

A source told America's Star magazine: ''Matt's the first guy who has made her feel good about herself and she's worried that rushing will jinx the relationship.''

However, friends don't think Kelly has anything to worry about because Matthew has made his feelings clear.

The source added: ''Matthew told her family he's crazy about her and sees this as a long term relationship.''

Friends also believe laid back Matthew is perfect for 28-year-old Kelly because he keeps her grounded.

A source said recently: ''She tends to be kind of a diva, so his sweet nature is good for her.

''Kelly is the happiest she's ever been. Her career is going well and she's in a healthy relationship with a wonderful guy.''

Kelly recently proclaimed Matthew to be the ''love of her life''.

She wrote on twitter: ''Just had the best #MosshartFamily dinner! having a chef that is not only your boyfriend but the love of my life is next level! (sic)''