Kelly Osbourne's boyfriend was farted on by an elephant.

The 28-year-old star fell about laughing while shooting a campaign to save the African beasts when one of the large trunked animals let out a flurry of foul-smelling flatulence directly onto the head of 29-year-old vegan chef Matthew Mosshart.

Kelly found the comical incident so funny she opted to share it with her 2.3 million twitter followers, writing on the social networking site: ''At a photo shoot for a campaign to save African Elephants & the elephant farted on my boyfriends head funniest thing I have ever witnessed! (sic)''

But this is not the first time a star has fallen victim to a smelly fart from an elephant.

Last year, Robert Pattinson revealed Reese Witherspoon was greeted by a 45-second blast of gas while she was filming their romantic drama movie 'Water for Elephants'.

He explained: ''Reese ended up under the elephant, who then went back on its hind legs and let out the most incredible fart directly in Reese's face for a good 45 seconds.

''It shows Reese's complete commitment to do the job because she just stood there and took it. And the elephant's got a big a**e!''