Kelly Osbourne can't wait to take her unborn niece shopping.

The 'Fashion Police' host's brother, Jack Osbourne is expecting a little girl with his fiancee, Lisa Stelly, and Kelly is excited at the prospect of becoming an auntie.

She said: ''I don't have the words to express how excited I am about it. I'm so proud of Jack and Lisa. I couldn't stop crying when I saw the Ultrasound of their baby girl. Jack loves his privacy and he's turned out to be one of the most respectful, well-rounded and honest gentleman around. The two of them are going to make great parents. I can't wait to style my niece. I've already told him I'm going to steal her and take her out shopping.''

When it comes to her own sense of style, Kelly, 27, says she isn't bothered if people criticise her.

She told Britain's Hello! magazine: ''People are critiquing my fashion again simply because I'm on the telly, but I really don't care. I have my own sense of style, love or hate it.''