Kelly Osbourne is breathing a sigh of relief after a cast was removed from her fractured hand.
Ozzy Osbourne's daughter broke her left hand in three places after falling out of bed last month (Dec11) and she had to have it strapped up by doctors.
The reality TV star struggled with the injury and revealed her mother Sharon had to help her with her every day activities, writing on at the time, "It's my left hand & I'm left handed so my mum has to brush my hair & cut my food 4 me I feel like a baby again."
Osbourne has now had the cast removed and only has to wear a brace which she can remove while she works.
In a message on, she writes, "Hallelujah.... I got my cast off & my arm no longer smells like cheese! Now I have a brace I can take on and off for work! So happy."