Kelly Osbourne has spoken out after she was accused of swearing and shouting at a reporter during a recent interview in Australia, insisting she was simply trying to avoid answering questions about her family problems.

The reality Tv star recently jetted Down Under to promote her new role as a columnist for an Australian magazine, but she hit headlines when she launched into a foul-mouthed tirade during an interview for the Sydney Daily Telegraph.

When asked whether her life has improved since she wrote her first column, which was titled Life Is Just S**t Sometimes, Osbourne replied, "You are trying to f**king turn this around and get s**t on my family, aren't you?" while the reporter wrote he had been "screamed at" and described her behaviour as "brattish".

Osbourne has now released a statement to explain her reaction: "During my interview with The Daily Telegraph on Sunday I spoke about a million things; everything from Joan Rivers, the colour of my hair and of course the subjects I will be writing about (in the magazine column). When the questioning veered towards my parents, I naturally became protective. My family mean the world to me and I will defend them to the grave."

Osbourne's father, Ozzy, recently admitted he is battling drink and drug problems again after suffering a relapse, amid rumours he is living apart from his wife, Sharon.

The Fashion Police star has endured a turbulent trip Down Under - the interview outburst came just days after she became embroiled in a spat with a security guard at a casino when she was asked to show identification before entering.

However, Osbourne refused to let the troubles sour her trip, and tweeted on Wednesday (01May13), "I have had the best time being in Australia... I cant wait to come back!!!!!"