Kelly Osbourne is ''so bloody hungry'' after visiting the dentist on Tuesday (04.06.13).

The 'Fashion Police' star had to have repair work carried out on several chipped teeth and needed a series of numbing injections during her orthodontic appointment.

Two days later, Kelly still hasn't been able to eat anything solid because the powerful anaesthetic means she can't chew properly.

She complained on her Twitter: ''I still cant really eat since going to the dentist I'm so bloody hungry it sucks! (sic)''

But things aren't as bad as they were straight after the check-up, as Kelly, 28, revealed she had been drooling non-stop after the procedure.

She tweeted: ''I had so many injections I can't feel my face its completely numb! (sic)'', to which follower @shaneREACTI0N responded by asking whether she had been dribbling because of the sedative.

She joked: ''@shaneREACTI0N For the past 7 hours!!! #LOL (sic)''

Several fans queried why she had undergone so many injections and one wondered whether she had given in to Botox.

Quick to respond, Kelly replied to a user: ''@shamila0402 NOOOOOO! to numb my gums/teeth while the dentist worked on my teeth! (sic)''

During her appointment, Kelly discovered she had chipped her teeth when she suffered a seizure in March while filming her E! show with Joan and Melissa Rivers.

She spent five days in Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles following the frightening ordeal, before returning back to work a week after being discharged from the health facility.