Kelly Osbourne bought her brother Jack a space age mattress for his 25th birthday.

The attractive star was unsure about what to get her sibling for his big day but eventually decided on a new sleeping aid which is made from material created by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) scientists.

She insists the Tempur-Pedic mattress she got for Jack leaves you feeling as though you have slept on a "cloud" because it is so comfortable.

Writing in her weekly Closer magazine column, she said: "I was upset to miss my brother Jack's 25th birthday Celebration while I was away in New York City - especially after everyone got together for my 26th birthday last month! But I made sure I'd bought him a birthday present before I went so he wouldn't mind too much.

"I got him a new mattress, it's the same one I use - one of those Tempur-Pedic kinds - it's like sleeping on a cloud! I'm sure he appreciated it."

Tempur material is based on NASA research to develop a material that would cushion aircraft seats and improve survivability in the event of an accident.

Tempur-Pedic was recognised by NASA on May 6, 1998, for successfully utilising space technology in their products and received NASA's Plaque of Recognition for their work.