Kelly Osbourne thinks Los Angeles fashion is ''sh*t''.

The British 'Fashion Police' star spends most of her time in the Californian city but says when it comes to style, UK girls win hands down.

She said: ''British fashion is definitely better. Did you know they UGG boots with mini-skirts in the summer in LA?! There's no question, LA style is sh*t.''

Kelly is now very confident with her body after seeing her weight fluctuate over the years and says she's worked very hard to get the figure she's got today.

She said: ''There isn't an easy fix. There are no magic pills you can take. I suppose you can get your fat sucked out, but then it'll just come back and when it returns you'll have loads of cellulite. The best thing you can do is eat right. I don't believe in diets, I believe in lifestyle changes and that is something you have to commit to.''