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We Are What We Are Trailer

Frank Parker is a formidable and highly religious man who takes his family traditions very seriously. He, his wife and two daughters Rose and Iris live comfortably in a small shack in a remote part of the Delaware County, but their security is threatened when a disastrous storm strikes and the river begins to flood. Mrs Parker suffers from a rare neurological disease and soon passes away leaving her family devastated. They vow to carry on the family customs, however, as Frank lands Iris with a huge responsibility. They are ritualistic cannibals, and she must be the one to bring in the food this time. However, when bones wash up on a nearby river bank after the floods, the authorities are drawn near and suspicion starts to arise surrounding the mysterious family.

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We Are What We Are Review


Even though this is an extremely well-made film, it's difficult to know who will enjoy it, as it's far too arty for horror genre fans and much too grisly for arthouse moviegoers. But those who like something a bit different will enjoy it, especially since this remake takes a very different approach to the original 2010 Mexican film. Both films are about families who indulge in cannibalism as a long-standing tradition, but the similarities end there.

This version is set in small-town America, where an unusual number of young women have gone missing over the years, and a recent flood has unearthed human remains downriver from the Parker family farm. Frank Parker (Sage) is in mourning after his wife dies in the storm, and responsibility for the family's Lambs Day feast now falls to eldest daughter Iris (Childers), assisted by younger siblings Rose and Rory (Garner and Gore). But Iris is reluctant to carry out the gruesome tradition, and would rather hang out with cute young Deputy Anders (Russell). Meanwhile, Frank is increasingly worried about nosey neighbour Marge (McGillis) and the investigations of the local doctor (Parks) and sheriff (Damici).

"This is what we do," the Parkers remind themselves as they prepare their dinner of human stew. And screenwriters Mickle and Damici really dig into the family's past, which stretches to events nearly 240 years earlier, stirring American history into the intriguing cultural subtext. Mickle also remembers to freak us out with hints and suggestions in every scene, from ominous noises in the Parker's shed to a secret journal that outlines the family's traditions. The actors play their roles just below the surface, with muted emotions and subtle glances that tell us more than dialogue ever could.

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Tio Papi Photocall

Joey Dedio - Cast members of the film 'Tio Papi' attend a photocall at Planet Hollywood Times Square - New York City, NY, United States - Friday 19th July 2013

Joey Dedio
David Castro
Priscilla Lopez
Joey Dedio, Frankie Faison, Fatima Ptacek, Gabriella Fanuele and David Castro
Sebastian Martinez
Priscilla Lopez

Top Gun Trailer

Maverick is a reckless but extremely skilled fighter pilot whose father died after his plane was shot down in the Vietnam War. Because of his talent, he is asked to attend the Top Gun school with co-pilot Goose. It is there he competes to be the top student on the program while simultaneously attempting to woo his chief instructor Charlie Blackwood who, although appearing critical at first, secretly admires his flying methods. His journey to become the greatest pilot in the world is tarnished with tragedy and the frustration that rumours of his father dying due to his own errors could be true. 

This classic romantic drama flick will soon be available to own on Blu-Ray from February 19th 2013. The movie was based on the California magazine article 'Top Guns' by Ehud Yonay and directed by Tony Scott ('Beverly Hills Cop II', 'Enemy of the State', 'Domino') in 1986 with writing credits to Jim Cash and Jack Epps Jr. ('Dick Tracy', 'Anaconda'). It won an Oscar and a Golden Globe on its release as well as a Brit award for Best Soundtrack. 'Top Gun' will appear in 3D cinemas for six days only between February 8th and 13th 2013.

Starring: Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt, Michael Ironside, John Stockwell, Barry Tubb, Rick Rossovich, Tim Robbins, Clarence Gilyard Jr., Whip Hubley, James Tolkan, Meg Ryan, Adrian Pasdar, Randall Brady, Duke Stroud & Frank Pesce

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The Innkeepers Review

Like a late-1970s haunted house thriller, this film subdues its scares, filling the screen with red herrings and off-handed comedy while building a creepy atmosphere. Yet while there are several genuinely chilling moments, the story never quite comes to life, as it were.

Claire and Luke (Paxton and Healy) aren't taking their last weekend on the job seriously. The hotel they work in is closing, so they're trying to finally get proof of a legendary ghost. They only have two guests: an angry mother (Bartlett) and her young son (Schlueter). Then a former actress (McGillis) arrives, who turns out to have some psychic abilities. And an older man (Riddle) also checks in, asking for a specific room on the closed-off floor.

Meanwhile, Claire is starting to think that the ghost might be real.

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Stake Land Review

Pacey, confident and enjoyably grisly, this is a full-energy thriller with an emotional undercurrent. It's a little simplistic, and never quite defines why the stalking undead are called "vampires" rather than "zombies". But it's still hugely entertaining.

After his family is killed, teen Martin (Paolo) is taken under the wing of Mister (Damici), a gruff hunter who mercilessly stalks vampire/zombies. As they cross middle America in search of a rumoured safe zone called New Eden, they meet a friendly nun (McGillis), an ex-marine (Nelson) and a hot pregnant teen (Harris). They also run afoul of an extremist religious cult led by the vicious Jebedia (Cerveris), who believes the vampires are God's judgement on society.

And he starts hunting the hunters.

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Stake Land Trailer

In this world the most dangerous thing is to be alive!

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Los Angeles Premiere Of 'Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time' At Grauman's Chinese Theater

Toby Kebbell and Prince Monday 17th May 2010 Los Angeles premiere of 'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' at Grauman's Chinese Theater Hollywood, California

Top Gun Review

Anyone fondly remembering Top Gun as a prototypical action-packed Jerry Bruckheimer 'nad-fest probably hasn't seen it in awhile. Newly released as a mega-deluxe DVD, it's time to remember what Top Gun really is: From "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" to "Take My Breath Away," it's mushy love story first, fighter-pilots-in-training movie second.

Ironically, the early 1990s would bring to light the fact that carousing was what naval pilots seemed to do best: The 1986 Tailhook scandal occured during the same year Top Gun was released.

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Witness Review

The city cop struggles through an early breakfast with his temporary neighbors -- the Pennsylvania Amish. After a sip of coffee, he blurts out, "Honey, this is great coffee." His breakfast companions blankly stare. Awkwardly, he explains that it's from a commercial and continues eating. That single scene exemplifies why Witness is so good. It eschews easy payoffs and punch lines for well-rounded characters, quiet sequences that nearly bubble over with sexual unease, and intelligence.

Harrison Ford plays the cop, John Book, who heads to Lancaster County from Philadelphia after a young murder witness (Lucas Haas) identifies Book's colleague as the culprit, unveiling a departmental conspiracy. A wounded Book drives the boy and his mother (Kelly McGillis) to their farm before collapsing. With the car damaged and his superiors on the look out, Book is forced to stay with the Amish and live their lifestyle until he can get away.

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The Accused Review

If Jodie Foster wasn't the star of The Accused, chances are few would have seen it and no one would remember it today. But Foster's portrayal of Sarah Tobias is gritty, down-and-dirty -- a younger Silkwood of sorts. She won the Oscar, and launched her career as a serious actress.

But the rest of the film is forgettable, despite its heavy-at-the-time thematics. The plot revolves around Sarah's gang rape in a roadside bar and the lawsuit that results -- considerably complicated because Sarah was drunk, stoned, flirting, dressed provocatively, and, to be honest, is a bit of a slut.

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The Monkey's Mask Review


"The Monkey's Mask" is an old-fashioned film noir murder mystery, complete with a hard-boiled private eye narrator, a pretty young victim, a host of nebulous suspects and a smoky, enigmatic femme fatale.

With whispered intensity, it oozes 21st Century Raymond Chandler ambiance as the detective probes the apparently gruesome strangulation slaying of a tormented poetry student, makes stunning discoveries about her sordid sex life and falls for the girl's voluptuous professor in spite of knowing full well it's a bad idea.

The film is a brilliantly modern homage to everything that was great about the golden era of gritty gumshoe flicks, with two significant twists: 1) its inventive, gorgeously coarse, full-color cityscape cinematography, and 2) the a woman.

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