Kelly Clarkson is preparing to become Mrs Blackstock in the very near future.

The pop-idol alumni and her fiancé, Brandon Blackstock, have obtained a marriage license, according to E!News.

The couple secured the license in person at a clerk house in Sumner County, Tennessee on Tuesday October 15th.

They signed it under their full names, Kelly Brielle Clarkson and Narvel Brandon Blackstock, which also listed their parents' names. The document is good for 30 days, starting from its date of issue, so a wedding is likely to happen in the next month.

The ceremony is unlikely to be a huge spectacle because Clarkson recently stated she is planning an elopement with Blackstock and just his two children from a previous relationship will be present.

The 31 year-old recently told E!News, "OK, this is why it's confusing, I'm not married yet, because we had a wedding planned, like a huge one-and we still have a wedding planned, but we're not doing the big huge one."

Clarkson also revealed her travelling arrangements to their elopement to ABC News, "What's kind of fun is Brandon's a pilot and I'm being certified right now, as we speak", the future Mrs Blackstock said, "So, I'm flying us there and he's flying us back."

The 'Stronger' singer isn't wasting any time in planning her future as she previously spoke about her Christmas wish, which is having a baby with Brandon to become a first time mother.

In an appearance on Wednesday Oct 9th on the 'Elvis Duran and the Morning Show' the singer exclaimed, "I want babies, like, right off the bat!"

"Well, I'm totally gonna have a girl," the 31-year-old said. "My first child will be a girl-I know it in my soul."

Kelly is also looking forward to the release of her first Christmas album called 'Wrapped in Red' which is set for release on December 25th 2013 by RCA Records.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson is liekly to get married in the next month