American singer Kelly Clarkson attempted to buy a gold and turquoise ring that once belonged to celebrated English novelist Jane Austen in a bid for £152,450.

The US Pop Idol contestant bought the ring at auction house Sotheby's in 2012 as she outbid the 'Jane Austen's House Museum.

However she was unable to take it out of the UK because of an export ban that was placed on the ring by the British culture ministry who decided it had too much historical significance.

The ban provided the museum enough time to set up a fundraiser in August of this year (2013), they received a very generous donation of £100,000 from an unnamed benefactor and Austen fans from around the world also dominated money to the cause and raised the museum's target of £152,450.

Clarkson's bid was matched by the deadline of September 30th and the ring will be now stay in Britain for good in the Jane Austen House museum.

Culture Minister Ed Vaizey was the man responsible for the temporary export ban and he said "The export licensing system provides us with a 'last chance' to save treasures like these for the nation so they can be enjoyed by all of us. It's clear from the number of people who gave generously to the campaign just how admired Jane Austen remains to this day."

Clarkson took the defeat graciously as she commented, "the ring is a beautiful national treasure," she said on hearing about the successful bid, "and I am happy to know that so many Jane Austen fans will get to see it."

Although the 'Since U Been Gone' singer didn't get her hands on that British Treasure, she managed to get hold of another, as Clarkson is set to tea up with Robbie Williams for the song 'Little Green Apples' that will feature on his 10th studio album.

kelly clarkson
Kelly Clarkson will not get to keep Jane Austen's ring after all