Kelly Clarkson’s Jane Austen ring purchase got the star a lot more than she bargained for, as the American singer has faced a whole host of complications, since the British government put an export ban on the ring. The trouble for Kelly is that the ring is considered a historical artifact and the Brits, like any nation with a rich heritage, are quite touchy about their history.

Kelly Clarkson, Braehead Arena
The ring has earned Clarkson nothing but headaches.

The British cultural minister has posed a challenge to potential benefactors – if anyone can top the price Clarkson originally paid until December, or even offer substantial evidence that they possess the funds, then the ring will stay in the UK.

And this is where the singer, reportedly an avid Austen fan herself, looks to be losing the fight. According to the BBC, the Jane Austen’s House Museum is raising money to beat Clarkson’s offer and buy the ring off her. According to the report, only a further £49,000 is need to be raised in order for the museum to be able to buy the ring, which Clarkson has generously agreed to sell, if her initial offer can be matched. Fundraiser Louise West was involved in the initial attempt to buy the ring.

Kelly Clarkson, CMA Music Festival
The singer is reportedly a big fan of Austen's work.

"We could see the writing on the wall," she told the BBC. “We knew it was going to go for much more than we could raise in that short space of time."

Fortunately, the deadline has been extended and now it looks like the ring will stay in its original place. As for Clarkson, West praised the performer for raising awareness among her fanbase of Austen and her work. It looks like the singer will just have to console herself with the first edition copy of Austen’s Persuasion, which she also owns. Not a bad consolation prize, if you ask us.

Kelly Clarkson, The Cosmopolitan
But keeping the piece just wasn't on the cards.