Singer Kelly Clarkson has vowed never to appear on the big-screen again - because her last foray into acting was "horrible".
The Since U Been Gone hitmaker starred in comedy musical From Justin to Kelly in 2003, as part of her deal for winning the first series of reality TV show American Idol.
The film was a box office flop, widely panned by critics - and Clarkson insists she will never be tempted to make the transition from musician to film star again.
She tells Attitude magazine, "Oh it was a movie I had to do, and it was so horrible. Whoever won (American Idol) had to do it. I tried to get out of it legally, because I have no desire to be an actress. My favourite actresses are like Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett and I always hate when I go to movies and I think you just shouldn't be an actress. It was horrible. I am a horrible actress.
"Whenever it's like a musical, or a video, I do fine. But urgh - it was horrible. I hated every minute of it. Everyone on the set will tell you that I was nice, I was lovely to work with... I just hated it. I will never be an actress. Ever. That's what I'm saying."