Kelly Carlson's family feared she was mad when she was growing up - because the NIP/TUCK actress thought she was surrounded by ghosts.

The Minnesota native believes paranormal activity is a constant fixture in her life, although many people - including boyfriends - have questioned her experiences.

She says, "I grew up with ghosts in my house. Seriously. I know it sounds stupid, but things always happen where I live.

"When I was younger, my dad thought something was wrong with me mentally. He took me to have tests, because he thought I was hallucinating, but I was fine.

"One time, my ex-boyfriend and I woke up in the morning with perfectly folded beach towels on our heads and placed in between our legs. That's just one of, like, a million.

But Carlson is keen not to enlist the help of a medium to get rid of the spirits, adding, "I don't know if I want it to go away. I try not to investigate it, because I don't want anything weird or bad to happen."

22/09/2004 09:26