NIP/TUCK star Kelly Carlson is constantly haunted by the spirits of the dead, who she sees when she walks into a room.

The pretty actress has had some scary encounters with ghosts, and admits her friends often run terrified from her house after coming face to face with her unwanted guests.

Carlson is so concerned about her ghost-calling abilities, which she's had since she was 12, she has called in psychic help in a bid to find out why the dead come to her.

She tells US news show ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, "There are actual people that are in your house and I don't know who they are. They have no connection to me, I just see them. They say something to me and it usually makes no sense, like, 'I picked an orange today...'

"I was at this hotel in Cabo (Mexico). I was laying there and there was this guy standing over the bed and he had his arms crossed and he was mad."

And one close pal, who has always been sceptical about the actress' 'gift', got his comeuppance when he stayed with Carlson one night.

She recalls, "He spent the night at my house, slept on the couch. (At one point) this man's looking down on him, shining this light in his face, then he (the man) shuts the door. He (friend) was white. He went running into my roommates, shaking."

18/05/2005 21:34