Kelly Brook has been turning heads in Cannes, with a series of skimpy outfits that have left little to the imagination of the world's media, who are camped out in the French town for the iconic film festival. Kelly's been promoting her latest movie, Keith Lemon: The Film, though it's apparent that the focus hasn't exactly been on her acting skills since she got to Cannes.
Metro have published photos of Kelly in an array of outfits, some more revealing than others. She managed to somehow squeeze into two black cut-away swimsuits; one of which had such intricate lattice work on the front that it looked as though it would probably garrotte her if she didn't pay due attention whilst putting it on and removing it for costume change number 432 of the day. She's also been snapped wearing an elaborate bejewelled gown on the red carpet and it looks as though the Cannes festival were short of maintenance men at some point, too, as she's been pictured gingerly climbing up a step-ladder in a revealing gold strapless dress. Perhaps someone cracked the 'how many busty actresses does it take to change a lightbulb?' joke and she took it upon herself to demonstrate the answer.
Kelly's certainly been attracting attention since she's been at the film festival. She was reportedly offered a rather indecent proposal of $1 million to spend the night with a French business. Being the demure young thing that she is though, she obviously turned the guy down.