Kelly Brook likes ''sweaty'' men.

The model-and-actress is engaged to former 'Gladiators' star David McIntosh and she admits she prefers her partner's ''natural'' scent than the aftershaves he uses.

She told new! magazine: ''I like him just coming back from the gym. I like the sweat smell to be honest. I think that's the best smell on a man - natural.''

Meanwhile, David likes to splash out on expensive perfumes for his 34-year-old fiancee.

She said: ''I've never bought expensive perfume. David bought me some really expensive perfume from Harrods recently. He's obsessed with fragrance so he always buys me really high end perfume.''

The brunette beauty insists she is ''low maintenance'' when it comes to her appearance, but she splurges a lot on expensive treatments.

She said: ''I'm low maintenance I think, but in terms of investment I'm high maintenance. I always have facials and massages.

''I have treatments on my hair to keep it thick and I always have my nails done. I do take care of myself.''