Kellie Pickler has explained her decision to elope with songwriter KYLE JACOBS.
KELLIE PICKLER appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show this week to explain why she eloped with her husband KYLE JACOBS on New Year's Day, reports the Los Angeles Times.The 24-year-old country singer and American Idol contestant travelled to Jumby Bay in the Caribbean to marry Jacobs with only a photographer in tow. Picker revealed that she couldn't handle the stress of planning a wedding and therefore decided to do it in private, saying, "On New Year's, my best friend and I ran away. We were almost finished with the wedding planning - we'd already done the cake and the flowers and all that - and every time we got to the guest list, I was like, Oh my God, I hate half these people". Pickler and her husband stayed on the island for a short time before spending their 'honeymoon' in Iraq, where the singer had been booked on a USO Tour. Whilst speaking about her big day, Pickler showed DeGeneres photos of the ceremony and revealed that she didn't even have time for a bachelorette party, adding, "We totally just put faith in God that it was all going to work out and it did. And it was the most incredible day of my life".
KELLIE PICKLER signed to 19 Recordings in 2006 and released her debut album 'Small Town Girl' later that year. To date, the record has sold over 800,000 copies and produced three hit singles 'Red High Heels', 'I Wonder' and 'Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind'.