Kellan Lutz wants his clothing collection to ''bring back the happiness''.

The 'Twilight Saga' actor's spring range for Abbot + Main by Dylan George is inspired by Los Angeles and he has chosen brighter colours than his last set of designs.

He said: ''For spring, it's all about staying true to Los Angeles, and incorporating hues from neons to rich, saturated shades of blue.

''The last couple of years have been about earthy tones, and I want to bring back the happiness, the colour in what you're wearing.''

While Kellan has carefully considered colours for the collection, he says his biggest priority is the feel of the fabrics used for the garments.

He told People: ''It's all about the material, the softness. Growing up, I would go shopping and instead of looking at the colours or brand, I'd go to different stores, find the circular racks and I'd walk around them with my hand out, without looking at the shirts. Once I found one that felt good on my hand, I'd stop to see if I liked it.''

The 26-year-old star likes to recommend his clothing line to friends who admire his style.

He admitted: ''It's fun to wear it out, have people ask where you got it, and then tell them your story.''