Twilight star Kellan Lutz won't be very merry this Christmas because there have been too many family deaths in the past 12 months to really celebrate the season.

The actor reveals he has lost pets and grandparents during a very difficult year and he hasn't been looking forward to the holidays.

He says, "We've had some deaths, so being home for that (Christmas) wouldn't be so traditional. We're planning to get away."

But Lutz is staying upbeat about a different type of Christmas - because it means he won't be over-indulging around the family table.

He adds, "I'm losing weight... I'm dieting. I've been in Bulgaria (making The Legend of Hercules) for the last six months and I always like to detox myself when I come back. I definitely feel It's going to be a fun Christmas, not such a gorgy event for me this year."