Rumours of a sex tape featuring married hip hop star Kelis have taken a twist - the man alleged to have filmed her naked has confirmed he once slept with the singer.
New York radio presenter Wendy Williams first sparked rumours of a tape, claiming on her show that she has a copy of the explicit footage.
Other sources claim it shows a man - identified as rapper/songwriter Infared - filming Kelis as she slept after they had a sexual encounter.
The man is even rumoured to goad Nas - who married Kelis in 2005 - boasting into the camera, "Handle your mother f**king business. I got your b**ch here, she (sic) getting naked.
Infared, who has worked with a number of stars including Jadakiss and Eve, confirms in an interview with Hip Hop Weekly that he enjoyed an "encounter" with Kelis.
But the New Yorker refuses to confirm he videotaped his meeting with the star - rumoured to have taken place in January 2007 - and he claims it could have happened before she married Nas.
He tells the magazine, "I knew Kelis in the hip hop world, and from clubbin', hanging out.
"I heard that (sex tape) rumour. I don't know (if she was married). She wasn't wearing a wedding ring."
Infared goes on to insist he has not been confronted by Nas over the allegations.