Keith Urban flies to the UK just to say ''hello'' to his family.

The country singer is currently busy working as a judge on 'American Idol' but delights his wife Nicole Kidman - who is currently based in London with their daughters Sunday Rose, four, and Faith Margeret, two, while filming 'Before I Go To Sleep' - by jetting across the Atlantic to demonstrate his ''crazy'' love for her.

Nicole said: ''Keith comes and goes. He'll fly in for 24 hours just to say hello and give us all a hug, or he might stay a couple of days. He's busy over in Nashville and LA. But once I've finished filming, I'm going to be the wife by his side because it's family time.

''I love it that he's crazy enough to get on a plane and come over here for 24 hours. But that craziness is rooted in a love and a friendship for each other. The friendship is just as important as the love, and it builds over time. I know how lucky I am.''

At this year's Oscars, Nicole wore a low-cut L'Wren Scott gown and admitted she chose it to please her spouse.

She told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''It had all the bells and whistles for men. 'You know what men like in a dress, and that's what I wore. It was for Keith.''