Country star Keith Urban has no regrets about starring in Australia's The Voice as the TV show has finally made him a superstar Down Under.
The singer has found huge success in the U.S. as a country artist, but admits the genre has never been as popular in his native Australia.
However, he credits his coaching role on the TV talent show with finally giving him "an outlet" to connect with the viewing public in his home country.
He tells Australia's GQ magazine, "The best thing about it has been the chance for people in Australia to get to know me. My music doesn't really get played here despite it having a lot of appeal elsewhere, so I've found myself without an outlet for my songs because of various narrow stereotypes and perceptions about me.
"That's been a challenge. But The Voice has offered me an opportunity to connect in a different way and I hope now people check out the gigs because that's the real show for me... and it ain't played on a planet of 10-gallon (cowboy) hats."