Keith Urban feels ''blessed'' that Nicole Kidman staged an intervention in 2006.

The 46-year-old singer believes his wife saved his life by forcing him to seek professional help after he broke his sobriety shortly after they got married eight years ago.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, he said: ''I was very, very blessed to have Nic call an intervention on me. I had a tight group of friends around me for the intervention. And off I went. I didn't give a s**t about anything except turning a corner in my life and doing whatever it took for that.''

The 'American Idol' judge - whose alcohol and drug addictions date back to the 90s - fell off the wagon when Nicole, 46, was away filming in Kosovo.

Keith explained: ''I would find myself feeling very alone, very lost, and vulnerable to my old ways.''

Keith, who has daughters Sunday Rose, five, and Faith Margaret, three, with Nicole, credits his wife, 46, for helping him kick his demons for good, and now the pair make sure they speak every day and don't spend long periods apart.

He said: ''I have a wife who is just from another planet. She is so celestial. I felt like I was just sitting dormant, and she came along and I came to life. I was born into her, so who I am now was waiting the whole time.''