Rodney Dangerfield knew it. You can't get respect being funny. Nobody gets anywhere unless you're taken seriously. At least that's the company line these days in Hollywood, where it seems most of the entertainment industry's best funnymen are becoming more interested in eliciting tears than laughter. It is really quite ironic then that the one guy putting out consistently good comedy is Hollywood's most serious actor.

That's right, I'm talking about Showtime, starring the aforementioned serious actor, Robert De Niro, as tough guy cop Mitch Preston, who crosses the line with the press and gets too rough. With lawsuits looming, Mitch's police department is railroaded into letting a TV network turn his police beat into a reality-based buddy cop show. Adding insult to injury, he's been assigned a fame-hungry, lame duck partner, to play the "funny minority type" (Eddie Murphy).

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