Keith Richards nearly ended the rock rivalry between THE Rolling Stones and THE Beatles when he wrote a song with Sir Paul McCartney.
The legendary bands were often pitted against each other in the 1960s but their relationship was friendly, with the Beatles allowing the Stones to record their song I Wanna Be Your Man.
Now Richards has revealed he nearly bridged the two groups after running into MCCartney on a beach.
In his autobiography, Life, Richards writes: "We were really pleased to see each other. We fell straight in, talking about the past, talking about songwriting. We talked about such strangely simple things as the difference between the Beatles and Stones, and that the Beatles were a vocal band because they could all sing the lead vocal, and we were more of a musicians' band - we had only one frontman.
"He told me that because he was left-handed, he and John could play the guitars like mirrors opposite each other, watching each other's hands. So we started playing like that. We even started composing a song together, a MCCartney/Richards number whose lyrics were pinned to the wall for many weeks."