Keith Richards' wife packs sausages for him when they go away on vacation.

The Rolling Stones guitarist and his spouse Patti Hansen have a holiday home in Parrot Cay on the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean and she always makes sure to take some home comforts for him to eat when they're there, rather than the Asian fare provided by the resort which runs the island.

Patti told Tatler magazine: ''Keith is not a Thai food kind of guy. He's really a meat and potatoes kind of guy.''

Keith and Patti are typically joined by their children Theodora, 27, Alexandra, 26, and Keith's grown up son, Marlon, and daughter, Angela, from his marriage to Anita Pallenberg and their families and even though he's off band duties, Keith can be found strumming a guitar around the fire.

After explaining how Keith lights a fire most nights and toasts marshmallows, Theodora added: ''We go down there and play guitar and sing songs, and it may sound straight out of a musical, but it's awesome.

''Everyone has different renditions of Everly Brothers songs and I think that Alexandra might have sung us some AC/DC, a very interesting version of AC/DC.''