Keith Richards warned his daughter to "give up" being arrested.

Model Theodora Richards was taken into police custody in March after being spotted writing graffiti on a building and in possession of cannabis, and the Rolling Stones rocker - who has been charged numerous times with drug-related offences in the past - later spoke to her about her conduct.

Keith said: "My daughter did get popped a few months ago for, like, a miniscule amount of marijuana, so I told her to give up being arrested and she agreed with me.

"I just said, 'Stop that, it's no fun' and she said, 'You're right.' "

Charges against 26-year-old Theodora - whose mother is Keith's wife, model-and-actress Patti Hansen - were later dropped but the guitarist was pleased with his daughter's conduct following her arrest.

He added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "She didn't let on who her parents were, she spent a night in The Tank and kept quiet and I said, 'That's the way to handle it."