Keith Richards' daughter has been arrested.

Theodora Richards - the 25-year-old daughter of the Rolling Stones rocker and his wife Patti Hansen - was apprehended by police in New York last night (01.03.11) after she allegedly used a paint marker to deface public property, writing the letters 'TNA' on the side of a building in the city's fashionable Soho district.

The model - who has worked for Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger - was taken into custody at 10.45pm where officers are said to have found marijuana and Xanax pills in her possession according to the New York Post.

Theodora has been charged with making graffiti, possession of a graffiti instrument and possession of a controlled substance and is currently waiting to be arraigned this afternoon (02.03.11).

Theodora has previously claimed she is not interested in drugs and claimed being a rebel is boring.

She said: "My dad's generation was all about rebellion. I'm rebelling against my generation in a softer way.

"Many of the kids around me just want to go out and party every night but I don't. I'm not a big fan of drugs. Everybody's had their own experience."