Keith Richards says he and his Rolling Stones bandmate Sir Mick Jagger are like brothers who sometimes "love each other and sometimes hate each other".

The guitarist claims he and the singer have been "fighting like cats and dogs" throughout the band's entire career but insists they have an unbreakable Bond.

When asked if working with Mick is like working with your brother, he said in an interview with The Guardian newspaper: "No, it's like working with Maria Callas. The diva is right and we've got to try and put music together without annoying the diva. If the diva gets too annoyed, then I get p***ed off.

"Do you think when we get together we're all like happy families? Forget about it. We've been fighting cats and dogs all our career. We're like brothers in that sometimes we love each other and sometimes we hate each other and sometimes we don't even care.

"I've been playing guitar, watching that bum [dance in front of me] for years."

The pair were reported to have fallen out after Keith claimed in his autobiography 'Life' - which was published last year - that Mick had a "tiny todger", but the musician insists their relationship is good.

When quizzed on how their relationship is now, Keith said: "Oh fine. We're OK."

In a separate interview, Mick was asked the same question and answered: "We don't squabble very much to be honest."