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Hayley DuMond , Keith Carradine - TCM Classic Film Festival held at TCL Chinese Theater IMAX - Day 1 at TCL Chinese Theater - Hollywood, CA - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 28th April 2016

Hayley Dumond and Keith Carradine

Keith Carradine - 24th and final 'A Night at Sardi's' to benefit the Alzheimer's Association at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals at Beverly Hilton Hotel - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Wednesday 9th March 2016

Keith Carradine

Keith Carradine - The Big Bang Theory 200th episode party held at Vibiana - Arrivals at Vibiana - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 20th February 2016

Keith Carradine
Keith Carradine
Keith Carradine

Altman Review


This isn't a tell-all doc about the iconic filmmaker: it's a love letter from his friends and family. With a terrific range of film clips, home movies, behind-the-scenes footage and never-seen stills, this movie explores how Robert Altman's work has forever changed the way Hollywood makes movies, simply because his inventive filmmaking style forced everyone else to try and keep up.

After getting his start directing industrial films in Kansas City, Altman made the jump to Hollywood in the late 1950s, annoying a range of studio executives with his preference for naturalistic, overlapping dialogue in television programmes. Then he made the jump to cinema and took the world by storm with M.A.S.H. In 1970, winning the Palme d'Or at Cannes and introducing the "Altmanesque" combination of earthy interaction, ensemble casts and political subtext. In his documentary, filmmaker Ron Mann cleverly asks many of Altman's actors to define the word Altmanesque, not as it relates to the movies but as it relates to the man himself.

Altman was a rare filmmaker who was loved by his casts and crews as well as the critics. Notoriously picky film journalist Pauline Kael famously wrote that "he can make film fireworks out of next to nothing", and this documentary demonstrates this with clips and backstage moments from his classics, ranging from McCabe and Mrs. Miller (1971), Buffalo Bill and the Indians (1976) and Popeye (1980) to The Player (1992), Short Cuts (1993) and Gosford Park (2001). The film's focus is on his movies, although it's narrated through personal interviews with Altman and his widow Kathryn Reed and features some superb footage of his sons. It also traces his ongoing health issues, from his heart transplant to his death from leukaemia in 2006. But there's little mention of his lifelong anti-war efforts or his controversial efforts to legalise marijuana.

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Keith Carradine - Fox's 2014 Emmy Award Nominee Celebration at Vibiana - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 25th August 2014

Keith Carradine
Keith Carradine
Keith Carradine

'Fargo' Creator Noah Hawley Teases Season 2 Plot At TCA Press Tour

Allison Tolman Keith Carradine

After Fargo’s very definitive season finale (don’t worry, this article contains absolutely zero spoilers), the question of the day was how would showrunner Noah Hawley and the writing team move the story forward to Season 2?  Well, they’re not. They’re moving it back instead.

Fargo Allison Tolman
Allison Tolman will not be playing Molly's mom, Hawley assured reporters.

During an appearance at the TCA Summer Press Tour, Hawley offered some major details of the plot for Season 2.

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Is FX's 'Fargo' TV Series The Next BIG Thing?

Billy Bob Thornton Martin Freeman Keith Carradine Colin Hanks

The TV series adaptation of the Coen brothers Oscar-winning movie Fargo has received strong reviews ahead of its premiere on FX tonight. The show stars Billy Bob Thornton as Lorne Larvo, who arrives in a Minnesota and immetely brings major changes to the lives of insurance salesman Lester Nygaard (Martin Freeman), Officer Molly Solverson (Alison Tolman), the daughter of the former Chief (Keith Carradine) and singer father Gus Grimly (Colin Hanks).

Martin Freeman FargoMartin Freeman as Lester in 'Fargo'

"A perfectly mixed cocktail equally parts menacing and suspenseful, washed down with surprising notes of hilarious satire and pulpy violence, FX's version of Fargo is most certainly not a pale imitation of the gruesome dark comedy," said the Daily Beast's Kevin Fallon.

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Video - Martin Freeman Spotted At The FX Networks Screening Of 'Fargo' - Part 1

'The Hobbit' star Martin Freeman is snapped arriving on the red carpet of FX Networks Upfront screening of their upcoming crime drama series 'Fargo' held at SVA Theater in New York. The series is written by Noah Hawley and is based on the Coen brothers' 1996 film of the same name.

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Ain't Them Bodies Saints Trailer

Bob Muldoon and Ruth Guthrie are a young couple desperately in love but living a dangerous life of crime. When one day they are cornered by a group of cops after Ruth seriously injures one of them, they are arrested and Bob insists it was he who fired the shot. Ruth is let off to carry on with her life, intent on waiting for her lover while pregnant with their first child. Four years later, Bob manages to make an escape, and sets out on a journey to be reunited with Ruth and the daughter he has not yet had chance to meet, while being pursued by every cop in the county. He has had a lot of time to yearn for things to be back the way they were, but life has changed for Ruth; will Bob's return be the repose she's been hoping for, or will it just bring more drama?

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Martha Plimpton and Keith Carradine - Official Tony Awards After Party held at the Plaza Hotel. - New York, NY, United States - Sunday 9th June 2013

Martha Plimpton and Keith Carradine

Cowboys & Aliens Review

With such a blatant B-movie title, this well-made film really should be more fun to watch. Actually, this is an entertaining Western that sticks very close to the genre and only incidentally features bad guys from another planet.

Jake (Craig) wakes up in the desert with no memory of who he is or why he has a strange metal bracelet clamped onto his arm. He staggers into a dusty town, where the sheriff (Carradine) helps him until he clashes with local bully Percy (Dano), the son of power-mad landowner Dolarhyde (Ford), who has a history with Jake. But when strange airborne "demons" attack the town, Jake discovers that his bracelet is a weapon that can fight them. So Dolarhyde drafts him into a posse to hunt them down.

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Lake City Review

Oh Sissy, where art thou?

Cast as The Eternal Earth Mother in Hunter Hill and Perry Moore's Lake City, Sissy Spacek is a one woman universe -- tilling the soil, pushing wheelbarrows, filling the cupboards, sitting on the porch, and staring pensively at the sunset or gazing at the eternal landscape. She is not channeling her characters in Badlands or The River so much as going back to the source -- Linda Arvidson's stoic pioneer women from the old D.W. Griffith two-reelers (all that is missing is waiting for her effeminate husband to reel in the fish). She lives alone and leads a hard life keeping her farm together in rural Virginia and even though local gas station attendant and part-time guitar picker Roy (Keith Carradine) pines for her, Spacek's Maggie Pope keeps to herself and tend to her chores.

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Bobby Z Review

If there's one thing you learn from movies, it's that you should never -- under any circumstances -- expect that working for the Man (DEA, CIA, FBI, any of them really) is going to be easy. Especially if they ask you to impersonate the legendary Bobby Z, drug dealer and beloved surfer (yes, you read that right), in a hostage exchange with a Mexican drug kingpin. You can pretty much guarantee that things are going to sour. And fast. Yes, there will be blood, bullets and if you're lucky, some T&A.

Former Marine and perpetual bad boy Tim Kearney (Paul Walker) has been asked to do just that. Serving a long prison sentence for all manner of illegal activities, Kearney is given conditional release if he's willing to impersonate the missing Bobby Z. DEA agent Tad Grusza (Laurence Fishburne) sets Kearney up for the exchange. Kearney looks enough like Bobby Z to pass muster, but the exchange goes to hell and Kearney is left to fend for himself. When he's captured and taken to Don Huerto's (Joaquim de Almeida) palatial Mexican estate, he meets Bobby Z's old flame Elizabeth (the striking Olivia Wilde) and her teenaged son, Kit, who just might be his (well, Bobby Z's) kid. Because Kearney isn't Bobby Z, and because he's far too brash and selfless, all sorts of trouble ensues.

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Nashville Review

Call me a heathen. I don't like Nashville.

Possibly the most celebrated film of the 1970s -- at least among film snob circles -- Robert Altman's sprawling case study of five days in the Tennessee city is self-absorbed, overwrought, and dismissive. Nor is it particularly well-made, with poor sound (even after being remastered for its DVD release) and washed-out photography, not to mention a running time (2:40) that's at least an hour too long.

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Baby Review

When a troubled young mother leaves her baby on the steps of Good Parents John and Lily Malone (Keith Carradine and Farrah Fawcett), do you think they'll take the child into their home? If you don't know the answer to that one you haven't been watching many Movies of the Week, and TNT's Baby is no exception to the baby-in-a-basket formula. So try to keep up.

Set on a bleak and remote island somewhere in the northeast, Baby's setting serves as an apt stand-in for its characters and its theme. Lily Malone is haunted by the recent death of her infant son and shuns the world around her. The 12-year old Larkin (Alison Pill) sees the basket baby as a shoddy replacement for her dead brother, hiding the letters the absent mother sends, letting the family know she's still alive and coming back. Grandma Byrd (Jean Stapleton) is old and dying. The power goes out a lot. And John does a fair bit of tap dancing. In other words, it's all very depressing.

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Keith Carradine

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Altman Movie Review

Altman Movie Review

This isn't a tell-all doc about the iconic filmmaker: it's a love letter from his...

Ain't Them Bodies Saints Movie Review

Ain't Them Bodies Saints Movie Review

Although set in the 1970s, this dramatic thriller has a distinctly Western vibe to it,...

Ain't Them Bodies Saints Trailer

Ain't Them Bodies Saints Trailer

Bob Muldoon and Ruth Guthrie are a young couple desperately in love but living a...

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Review

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Review

With such a blatant B-movie title, this well-made film really should be more fun to...

Cowboys & Aliens Trailer

Cowboys & Aliens Trailer

Jake Lonergan is a wanted criminal but when he awakes in the middle of nowhere...

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