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Eddie The Eagle - Trailer Trailer

Even when Michael Edwards was a small boy, he had huge ambition. Whenever the Olympics were on the TV Eddie would gleefully watch and admire the athletes and their abilities, it was the catalyst that drove Eddie to become a household name.

Though he was a strong skier, Eddie had zero knowledge or ability when it came to Ski jump, but the lack of competition was his in. Eddie decided that he too was going to become an Olympic athlete, HE would appear and represent his country at the winter games.

With no sponsors and everything working against him, Eddie begins training. Accident after accident, bad run after bad run - Eddie tirelessly continues with his quest to somehow reach his goal. Whatever the outcome of Eddie's journey, he's sure to change the sport and the winter Olympics forever.

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Celebrities Leaving Trafalgar Studios After Performing In 'The Homecoming'

Keith Allen - Celebrities leaving Trafalgar Studios after performing in 'The Homecoming' - London, United Kingdom - Tuesday 8th December 2015

Keith Allen
Keith Allen
Keith Allen

Hector Trailer

For the past 15 years, Hector McAdam has been somewhat of a drifter having left his small Scottish village Hector found solace moving from shelter to shelter in various parts of the UK. Hector might be in his latter years but each Christmas he finds himself traveling to London to visit a homeless refuge where he has friends.

After years of drifting, in a bid to reunite with his family, Hector takes steps to track down and find his brother and find a way to begin to make amends for his constant absence.

Hector once again takes to the road and begins a journey that will take various turns - both emotionally and physically. Even though the setting of Hector's life is one of sorrow, his personality and resilience makes for a heart-warming look at life.

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The Homecoming Gala Night - Departures

Keith Allen - The Homecoming Gala Night at the Trafalgar Studios - Departures - London, United Kingdom - Monday 23rd November 2015

Keith Allen

EIFF HECTOR World Premiere

Keith Allen - Arrivals on the red carpet for the world premiere of Hector at the Edinburgh International Film Festival at Cineworld - Edinburgh, United Kingdom - Thursday 18th June 2015

Keith Allen
Keith Allen
Keith Allen
Jake Gavin, Natalie Gavin, Stephen Tomkinson and Keith Allen

Who Are The Most Famous Showbiz Families?

Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell Kate Hudson Lily Allen Alfie Allen Keith Allen Dolly Parton Miley Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus Tom Hanks Colin Hanks Brian Williams Allison Williams

News executives in America were left surprised when news anchor Brian Williams took time out of his NBC Nightly News bulletin last Wednesday to happily announce the appointment of his daughter, Allison Williams, as Peter Pan. Allison, who has previously proved her acting work on huge HBO hit Girls, has been cast by NBC to play the mischievous boy who never grows up in the network's live broadcast of the Broadway musical in December.

Brian Williams
News anchor Brian Williams proudly announced his daughter Allison's latest job opportunity

Clearly thrilled at his daughter's achievement, the proud father elaborated: "Family members confirm she's been rehearsing for this role since the age of three and they look forward to seeing her fly".

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10 Acts You Had No Idea Were Playing Glastonbury

Glastonbury Festival Sophie Ellis-Bextor Speech Debelle Fatboy Slim Keith Allen Blondie Yoko Ono The Brian Jonestown Massacre MGMT

Part of Glastonbury’s enduring reputation is its propensity for composing a line-up that is extensive that a wealth of acts will pass by unnoticed. We’ve sieved through the thousands of acts who will be making the trip to Worthy Farm to highlight ten acts whose inclusion in the festival bill may surprise many. Sifting through the lower rungs of the bill uncovers a slew of rising stars and forgotten flames, those who are on the ascension to the upper levels of cultural recognition as well as those whose days of glory are far behind them.

Metallica James HetfieldMetallica will be this years most controversial performers. Photo: Getty Images, Credit: Frazer Harrison

Beyond the endless stretch of humans eyeing up the pyramid stage with binoculars are copious tents and smaller stages which host a myriad of curiosities, from fading pop stars regurgitating their hit songs for the umpteenth time to all manner of odd theatrics, spoken word performances, comedians, circus performances and Happy Monday’s hype-man Bez, who has this year been granted his very own ‘Acid House’ stage. Here then, are ten acts who to varying degrees will surprise festival goers with their very presence at the culturally sacred Somerset site: 

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Bunbury Charity Cricket Match At Hampstead

Rupert Francis, Keith Allen and David Troughton - Bunbury Charity Cricket match in aid of ESCA and Warwickshire cricket captain Jim Troughton on his benefit year - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 29th September 2013

Rupert Francis, Keith Allen and David Troughton
Oliver Phelps, Keith Allen and Frazer Hines
Keith Allen and David Troughton
Keith Allen
Keith Allen
Keith Allen and Jim Carter

'Smack Family Robinson' Press Night

Keith Allen - Press night for 'Smack Family Robinson' at the Rose Theatre Kingston- Outside Arrivals - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 4th April 2013

Keith Allen
Keith Allen
Keith Allen

Drugs Live: Channel 4's Ecstasy Trial Gets 2 Million Curious Viewers

Keith Allen Jk Rowling Jon Snow

Channel 4’s Drugs Live: the Ecstasy Trial garnered nearly 2 million viewers, reports The Guardian. The innovative show tests ecstasy for medicinal purposes.

1.9m intrigued viewers tuned in between 10pm and 11.05pm on Wednesday, with a five-minute high of 2.3 million. BBC2's Culture Show special, featuring an interview with Jk Rowling, between 10pm and 10.30pm, only managed 600,000 viewers, with the Harry Potter author talking about her new book, The Casual Vacancy. Elsewhere on Channel 5, Paddy and Sally's Excellent Gypsy Adventure was watched by 700,000 viewers, and BBC4's drama Room at the Top had 539,000. The big-hitters, though, were ITV1’s penultimate episode Mrs Biggs, with 4.2 million viewers and BBC1's Who Do You Think You Are? featuring Coronation Street star William Roache, which was watched by 4.3 million. Political broadcasts weren’t on the viewers agenda, with BBC2's coverage of the Liberal Democrat autumn conference averaged 400,000 for both it’s viewings, although most of the potential viewers would have been at work.

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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London Review

As I walked into the theater showing Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, it seemed as if a thousand kids were talking all at once, led by one particular youngster who had the authoritative rasp of a Teamster leader. The noise continued during the screen scramblers ("I guessed Steve!"), the promotional stills ("That looks like the movie...") and into the coming attractions. I began to wish I had slept in.

Then a miraculous thing happened: Cody Banks 2 started and there was a heavenly quiet--occasionally broken by laughter--that was maintained for the next hour and forty-odd minutes. That's a tremendous compliment for a kids' movie. I would like to say that Cody Banks 2 has a lot to offer adults, as well. For anyone over the age of 16, the movie moves briskly and doesn't make you curse the gods of time. In this pre-summer movie season, those qualities will be a blessing.

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My Wife Is An Actress Review

Is it weird when reality and fictional cinema intersect? For example: Kidman and Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut, Basinger and Baldwin in The Getaway, or The Blair Witch Project. Those movies are nothing compared to the abysmally titled My Wife Is an Actress, which totally blurs the line between what is real and what is not and crosses into a strange mélange of melodramatic kookiness and Method acting taken to the nth degree.

The movie is a personal exploration into the limitations and expectations of fidelity. The film is penned and directed by the notable French actor Yvan Attal (The Criminal), who is married to a famous French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg (The Cement Garden), and both star in the film.

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Shallow Grave Review

The biggest favor you can do your senses this week is see Shallow Grave, a slick British thriller cut with the blackest comedy to hit theaters since Reservoir Dogs. Utterly hilarious in that British way, Shallow Grave is the tale of three roommates, Juliet, Alex, and David, in search of a fourth.

From the get-go, this film begins to close its fingers around your neck and never lets go. The eerie feeling that something is just not quite right is present from the beginning, even before things take a turn for the worse. Of course they inevitably do, when the trio's newly found roommate, Hugo, suddenly dies in his room. Lo and behold, next to the body the three find a suitcase containing a million pounds, and after some debate, they decide to keep it and bury its previous owner in--you guessed it--a shallow grave.

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Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London Review


Last year's kiddie secret-agent comedy "Agent Cody Banks" was a stupid movie that got by on clever charm. It starred Frankie Muniz (from "Malcolm in the Middle") as a junior-high James Bond who had to get over his fear of talking to girls in order to complete his mission and save the world from some contrived evil.

The picture got a enough mileage out of Muniz's amusing believability as a secret agent on training wheels and out of its tongue-in-cheek twists (to keep his parents in the dark, the CIA did his homework and housework while he was on assignment) to balance out a lot of slapdash screenwriting -- so all in all, it squeaked by as good family fun.

But the rushed-into-production sequel "Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London" is twice as stupid and without even an infinitesimal hint of the cleverness that kept the original afloat.

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De-Lovely Review


"This is one of those avant-garde things, is it?" says a droll, dubious and dying Cole Porter (Kevin Kline) as he sits in an empty theater at the beginning of "De-Lovely," watching his life pass before his eyes on the stage, in a production conducted by an enigmatic, ironic, ethereal director named Gabe (Jonathan Pryce).

The answer to his question is a delighted "yes." This film is an imaginative, deconstructionist, celebratory musical biography woven together from elements of theater, meta-cinema, chamber drama and Porter's own MGM musicals with gratifying -- if deliberately glossy -- results.

Kline opens the picture as a frail but feisty old man (the age makeup is remarkable) who, as he watches his own story unfold, is alternatively tickled ("Oh, look, it's an opening number!"), critical ("He'd never wear that! Change it."), fondly reminiscent and pained by regret. And the actor also plays the younger Porter in the bulk of the picture, which has a merry, dreamlike quality to its stop-and-start interactions with the elderly Porter and his theatrical spirit guide.

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