Keira Knightley has recreated the famous orgasm scene from 1989's When Harry Met Sally for a new short film.

The actress joins fellow Brits Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch, Dominic West, Felicity Jones and Sir Kenneth Branagh, among others, in Jason Bell's new Vanity Fair film, in which the stars recreate famous movie scenes and lines.

Knightley takes on Meg Ryan's fake climax in the film, while Jones teams up with Tom Hiddleston for a Bonnie & Clyde scene, West tackles Marlon Brando's 'I could've been a contender' speech from On The Waterfront in a bar, and Branagh revives Richard Iii's 'My kingdom for a horse' monologue while chatting on the phone.

Bell's new film can be seen on Vanity Fair's website.