Keira Knightley loves reading ''trashy novels''.

Though the 29-year-old actress didn't get much down time while shooting her latest movie 'Begin Again', she usually relaxes between takes with a book, but can't focus on anything too taxing.

She said: ''On a film like this there isn't a lot of waiting. We had 24 days, so it was just like go, go, go.

''Normally what do I do? I have a cup of tea and I like book tapes or really trashy novels, because you can't read something difficult when you're working on something else.''

The actress co-stars with Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine in the movie and though it was his first film, she thought he was a very good actor.

She said: ''I'd actually seen him live and that energy makes an experience. He's a born entertainer, so I wasn't worried about him expressing himself

''He didn't need any tips. He's a natural actor and a very lovely man to work with, so it was a lot of fun.''

The brunette beauty had to sing in the movie and admits she didn't particularly enjoy the performance scenes.

She told Britain's OK! magazine: ''I'm not a singer or a musician so no, I didn't enjoy it. I had to fake it.

''It was fun, but I think I'm bad [at singing].''