Keanu Reeves has given up his dreams of becoming a rock star because he hasn't got time to invest in making music. THE MATRIX star played bass in DOGSTAR and cult Los Angeles band BECKY but admits that, at 41, he now has no passion to return to live music. Reeves reveals he quit his last group last year (05) after his bandmates informed him they wanted more than just the occasional gig. He says, "The band wanted to go on tour and make records, as opposed to just playing when we could. I felt like I was in their way so I stepped aside." Reeves has great memories of his rock star days - including opening for Bon Jovi at Los Angeles' The Forum. He explains, "Being amplified in the Forum is pretty awesome. The drums are like, boom... You feel the whole place moving. There's so much sound coming out, your pants are vibrating. "I enjoyed the creative process (of being in a band). I loved playing shows and making music. There's nothing like writing a song for the first time and having a band come together and play it. "I did the band for about nine years - long enough. It's just about finding time. I have too much else to do."