Keanu Reeves hopes to 'inspire' the audience of his new film 'Henry's Crime'.
Keanu Reeves, star of The Matrix and the Bill & Ted movies, hopes that he will inspire cinema goers to his latest project, Henry's Crime, in an unusually amorous way.
Speaking in a video interview he said: "I hope people enjoy the story and laugh. I hope, actually, that they go out afterwards and have some nice romantic sex."
Reeves stars opposite James Caan in this new comedy heist film, which has been released in cinemas this week. Reeves plays an unfortunate toll booth operator who is tricked into his involvement in a bank robbery and sent to prison. Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, the actor spoke of his enjoyment of playing the hapless Henry, and his central role in the development of the film's script:
"We just started to build this story, and it became more and more - I don't know, not implausible - but fantastic, I guess. But that started to turn it into a fable, and we knew we wanted to make it comedy.
"I was drawn to what this guy does, and his humour. He's nonjudgmental, and I found him wilful in a weird way that I like."
Henry's Crime is on general release now.