Sky News anchor Kay Burley is facing a backlash of criticism after she broke news of April Jones's alleged murder to volunteers still searching for the missing schoolgirl, with some describing her actions as being "insensitive bordering on cruel."

The journalist, who has worked on air for many years now, approached two volunteers who were lending a hand in the search for missing April during a live broadcast. Burley then proceeded to break the news to the pair live on air that police had just announced that they had arrested Mark Bridger on suspicion of murder. She then proceeded to ask the two on their opinions on the matter, both of whom revealed they had not heard the latest news and were clearly distressed after Kay told them the news, with the woman breaking down to tears.

This immediately sparked a storm on Twitter, with a number of people commenting on the incident. Tom Watson, Deputy Chair of the Labour Party, wrote: "Kay Burley: Insensitive bordering on cruel. Is breaking news so important that you have to forget your humanity?"

Whilst another commentator, Kath Coyle, added: "#skynews I don't think Kay Burley has a heart. She has a swinging brick. No compassion or humanity whatsoever."

Burley's direct and often unflinching interview style has come under fire in the past, most notably in 2010 when she made Peter Andre cry live on air after pressing him about whether his ex-wife Katie Price's new husband was planning to adopt their children. Andre was so distressed by her pressing on the issue that he had to force the interview to an end. Burley's in-your-face method has also come under criticism when she reported on incidents involving both Madeleine McCann and Raoul Moat.