Kavinsky Announces Debut Album 'Outrun' Due Out February 25th 2013

Kavinsky Announces Debut Album 'Outrun' Due Out February 25th 2013

The year was 1986. He was a teenager like any other, dreaming of his heroes and in love with a girl. But on a thunderous night along a ragged coast, a mysterious red car came down, its power lighting his eyes blood red. In a flash, all was lost in a hellfire of twisted metal.  When our hero emerged from the burning wreckage, he and the car had become one, their souls lit forever, leaving him to wander the night alone, invisible to everyone but her.

After releasing three EP's through the Record Makers label, Kavinsky has emerged as one of the biggest artists of the French electro scene. "Nightcall," with over 30 million total plays, is currently smashing the French sales and airplay charts. "Nightcall" was produced by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo of Daft Punk, and was the lead track from the soundtrack of the hit neo-noir crime film Drive. The brilliant debut album from Kavinsky, Outrun, was produced by rising French DJ/producer Sebastian, and is set for a February 25th release in the UK on Mercury Records.